KFC update

It’s been almost 6 months since I reached my KFC Weight (200lbs) and I’m astounded that my average weight for the last 6 months has been 198.5lbs. Why astounded? I’ve been trying for years to get to that weight, but I barely came close in five years of trying. And now, I’ve been able to get there and maintain it successfully for almost half a year!

I’ve been telling people that the “secret” sauce to my weight loss has been Intermittent Fasting. But the truth is that it’s the combination of a few things. I’ve been eating better and healthier. I was exercising regularly. I’m going to bed earlier. And I believe writing about it on this blog contributed to my success.

The idea of reaching my KFC weight was a goal that bounced around in my head for a few years but it became real when I decided to post about it. Before I posted about it, I was accountable only to myself and I’m notoriously lenient on myself. After the post, people knew about it. At Easter, my brother-in-law asked me about my KFC Weight because his friend, who reads my blog, told my brother-in-law about it. (Hi, Edwin!) That’s when I got motivated to make some real progress on the goal.

And let’s be clear: I said my “average weight”. Have I gone over 200lbs? Yes. A few times. Most notably after Christmas holidays and after a boy’s weekend of gluttony. But each time I was able to get back to my KFC Weight after a week or so.  And, obviously, I’ve gone a few pounds below my KFC weight a few times.

I think it’s time to set a new weight target…


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