Going for my Marathon Weight

Seventeen years ago, I started training to run a marathon. I was turning 40 and I figured that it was time to start working on some things on my bucket list. Running a marathon had been something I wanted to do since I was a kid. I trained and ran the marathon. And then I kept training and ran three more marathons. With all that running, my weight dropped down to 180lbs.

After I stopped training and went back to my sedentary ways, the weight crept back up. Before I knew it, I was holding steady at 225 lbs. Until last year, that is, when I reached my KFC Weight.

Even though I’ve lost over 25 lbs, I’m still considered “obese” according to my Body Mass Index (BMI). So rude… I need to lose a few pounds to be at the upper level of merely “overweight”.

But I’m ready to set a new goal for weight loss, so I thought I would aim for my “Marathon Weight” of 180lbs. I’ll still be “overweight” according to my BMI, but I won’t be so close to the tipping point of being “obese”.

A twenty pound difference from my KFC Weight makes it challenging enough that it won’t be accomplished quickly or easily. At least I don’t think it will…

I’m not planning on running a marathon, so I won’t be counting on long runs to help me lose the weight this time. I’m going to do more of what helped me with the last target: Intermittent Fasting, eating healthily, getting enough sleep, and doing some regular exercise.

Writing about it and giving the target a title helps, too.

Marathon Weight, here I come.


© 2020 Peter Gruner

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