Day 2 – Writing a page a day habit

I am on the train to work and yes, I have just finished day 2.  Another quarter page done.  Of course, with a script, it’s only a few lines, so it seems ridiculously easy to accomplish.  That’s part of the trick.  Start small.  Baby steps.
Each little amount done is part of a greater whole.  And even though it only feels like a tiny amount, it is more than nothing, right?  The problem with “not” having a habit of consistent writing, is that your writing output is unpredictable.  The old adage is that a writer writes.  And if you want to be serious about writing, you need to establish a habit of writing.
So much of the writing that gets done won’t be used in the end, so you need to get that “unused” writing out of the way.  How?  By writing!  If you have a habit of writing and have a big output, you won’t be so attached the few words that you write.  You will be better at seeing the right words. 
Do you have a habit of writing every day?  What are you waiting for?  Get writing!

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