What do you fill your brain with? (Day 4 – WAPAD)

Day 4 is here and I’ve finished my quarter page.  Yay!  I now have my first page of my first draft written.  And it doesn’t matter if it is good or not.  It’s better not to have expectations about your writing.   But more on that in another blog.  😉
One of the things that makes us all unique is that we have different interests.  We all see the world through our individual lenses.  If you put a bunch of random household items on a table and brought a bunch of people in and told them to choose one of the items, chances are they wouldn’t all want the same thing. 
Just as different writers like to tell different stories, different writers like to hear different stories.   A writer writes. Yes, that’s true; but a writer also reads.  So what are the kinds of things that you read?
It’s important to do some reading in the genre that you write in; so, playwrights should read plays, amongst other things.   I’ve taken a few different types of writing classes over the years and it always astounds me when people want to become writers, but don’t read in genre that they want to write in.  Or they don’t read at all!
It’s important to read the masters, but it is important to read contemporary plays, as well.  What are the shows that are being put on in your closest Theatre mecca (New York, London, Toronto, etc.)?  It would be even better if you could go out and see some shows.
It is also important to read outside your genre.  Read things that catch your interest.  Trashy novels.  Books about gardening.  Biographies.  Those kinds of things will inform your writing and inspire some of the stories that you want to tell.  
Nothing grows in a vacuum.  You need to fertilize your imagination with stories and ideas.  One way to be inspiring is to be inspired.  Find something to read that will inspire your writing.

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