Why a blog?

Why start a blog?  There are over 120 millions blogs out there, apparently.  Yes, that’s MILLION!  So why jump in with my supposed words of wisdom or words of disdain?  Why bother?  Because we all have a unique perspective.  We see a lot of the same things, but they get filtered by our experiences and sometimes that puts on a different spin. 

Like a choir is stronger for having more singers, I think the world is better for more people speaking out and sharing their experiences.  I guess, I decided it’s time to join “the choir”.

I’m a playwright.  Not a famous one or a prolific one.  I have written three one act plays and cowritten a fourth.  I’m still finding my way, I guess. But, I want to focus on playwriting.  Part of the reason is to clarify my own ideas on playwriting and another is galvanize myself to write more.  A writer writes.  A blog is a good outlet for when it’s hard to do the playwriting.  At least I can tell myself that I’m doing some “writing”, right? 

Inspiration and ideas come from so many different sources.  I follow a few different blogs and they have lead me to other blogs or sometimes books.   Information can really have a domino effect as one writer leads you to another.  Maybe something I write about will lead someone to discover some other  ideas which will help them create their masterpiece.

I think the most important thing about blogs is the potential synergy that gets created.  I see something and talk about it and someone reads that thing which leads them to create something else.  Who knows where this idea spreading will go?  If we’re lucky, we start a ripple — it doesn’t even have to be tracked back to us.  Someone once said that you can accomplish anything, as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.

So, why blog?  To start some ripples that may turn into waves. 

One thought on “Why a blog?

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