It’s the end of the year… Or is it?

When December started and some of the annual reviews start happening, I got a momentary pang of stress.  It’s the end of the year… What have I accomplished…?

But then I remembered: I started my year in April!  I’ve got almost four more months to get things done.

Suddenly, the rush of season feels a little less urgent.  I mean, there’s still the regular things about the season to worry about, but I won’t have the underlying unease that I didn’t get “everything done” this year.

What a great idea that was!  (If I say so myself…)  Even though the calendar year is almost done, I still have time to work on some of my personal goals without feeling rushed or defeated.

It reminds me that it’s always better to measure your accomplishments against yourself, than someone else.  It’s not that I’m denying the year ends on December 31.  But the year that I measure myself on is the twelve months between April 1 and March 31.

And this way, I get two New Year’s Eve parties!  😉


© 2019 Peter Gruner

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