My Brain Hurts

Before I started this blog, I started reading other blogs.   Mostly they were blogs by people who had written books that I’ve read.  But of course, the domino effect happens.  The blogger talks about something that they’ve read and put a link to another blog.  Before I know it, I’ve travelled a few blogs deep and I have information overload.
That’s the fantastic thing about the internet.  Like a pinball, you can bounce from one piece of information to another.  By the end of it, though, you can feel like you’ve literally been bounced around.  My brain hurts from absorbing too much information.
There’s just too much darn information out there!  It’s exciting and it’s daunting.  I’m reading blogs by people 10 or 20 years younger than me and they’re doling out great pearls of wisdom.  But it sometimes makes me feel old.  Boo hoo.
To be honest, some of the information isn’t necessarily new.  People just talk about things that they’ve discovered or even rediscovered.  And sometimes, even though you know something, you need to hear it again.  Life is a series of steps forward and steps backward.  Sometimes you can hear something that you already know, but since it is the “right” time to hear, you might actually use it.
Part of the reason for the sore brain of mine, is that one of the domino effects of blog surfing lead me to Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits and his book The Power of Less.  I got his book from the library yesterday and have been devouring it.  I am going to start implementing some of his suggestions which will increase the frequency of the blog posts.
I will talk about his book a bit more tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know about my brain hurting.  It’s a “good” hurt though; like after a good workout.

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