February 2023 Mile Marker

Surprise, surprise. This was not a good month for approaching my Marathon Weight.

I’ve fallen into the trap of making plans but not following through with them.

I know what to do but I don’t do it.

My average weight for February was 209.9lbs. Up two pounds from January!

My lowest weight for the month was 207.8lbs. I was able to get lower than that the previous month.

My highest weight for the month was 212.4lbs. Higher than last month’s high, unfortunately.

To be fair, that was the day after my birthday, so there was some anticipated indulgence to be expected.

But it was my lack of follow through that’s hurting me.

I am still snacking at night while watching TV.

I’m still caving when I plan to do an extended fast.

And sometimes I’m caving when I’m doing a regular daily restricted eating fast. Like intending not to eat until 5pm but eating breakfast. Or snacking after 9pm.

My weight has slipped back into the obesity level and I’m well above my KFC Weight.

I’m not following my system.

I can get back on track. But I’ve got to reinforce my plan for March.

On Mondays, I’ll plan my fasting schedule for the week.

Typically, it will be fasting until 5pm daily. And then having an eating window of 5pm to 9pm. On the weekends, I’ll skip fasting. But I will have at least one extended fast of 24 to 48 hours for the month.

The system is simple. But I haven’t been following it.

I’m going to try using some affirmations in the evening. Like, “I don’t snack after 9pm.” In fact, I’m going to put a reminder on my phone to help me out.

I know the Intermittent Fasting works. I’ve done the work before. I can do it again.

March is going to be a better month for my Marathon Weight.

5 thoughts on “February 2023 Mile Marker

    • Thanks, Larney! If only we could open a bottle of Motivation whenever we needed it… That’s why I’m trying to focus on stuff I can do without needing motivation. Or at least not need too much motivation. Good luck to you too! You can do it. The less motivation required, the better the system. 😉

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