Artistic Rehab Check-in #5

I’m still taking much longer than a week to complete the weekly exercises. But keep moving forward, right? I find that I continue to build momentum even though it’s slow.

This week’s focus is on recovering a sense of Possibility.

Cameron wants you to lean into your relationship with the Creator. Or the Universe. Or God. Or whatever name you want to call it.

Not in a religious sense, but a spiritual one. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve decided to lean into it.

I’ve always liked the concept that an artist releases the work of art that is already there. Like Michelangelo didn’t create the David. He released the David that was inside that block of marble.

It frees you up to do the work, because the inspiration isn’t coming from you. You show up and put in the effort of releasing what wants to come out. Get your ego out of it.

Cameron chides us because we only draw limited amounts of power from the Universe. We set limits on what we think the Universe can give us.

Of course, some people go the other way. They sit around doing nothing but hoping that things will happen.

I like this quote from her: “Pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can.”

As she says, “What dream are you discounting as impossible given your resources?”. Don’t set limits on how much the Universe can give you or help you.

Of course, she says one way to listen for the divine is to do the morning pages. When you do them, answers come.

And we need downtime. Time for not doing anything. That doesn’t mean watching TV, unfortunately. It means time for being still. And bored.

I only did 5 Morning Pages this week. I like doing them, but if I get up late, I miss them.

Sometimes I try to do them at work or at lunch, but I can’t have the same focus as I have when doing them at home.

There’s something about having the quiet to do them. And the room, timewise, to get them done. It’s not the same when I’m feeling pressured to get them written.

Cameron talks about reaching the page-and-a-half truth point. Meaning that it often takes a page and a half of writing mundane stuff before the gold. Before the “truth” or other insights come.

I’m closer to the two page or two-and-a-half-page point before I mine creativity related gold.

But… I have to say that an emotional ice flow is breaking. A loosening. Small. Very small.

It’s funny because I’m being creative in different ways (blogging, acting, singing, etc.). But not in the way I identify: playwriting.

Maybe I need to stop thinking of myself as only a playwright. And accept myself as a person that expresses themselves in different ways…?

My Artist Date was going for a walk by myself in a park nearby. I sat in a clearing. It was lovely to be on my own and soak up Nature.

Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.


Cameron often asks if you’ve experienced synchronicity during the week. I was writing in my journal and I asked the Universe for a sign for what to work on. My phone started beeping almost immediately!

It was a reminder alarm I had set. To work on my Artist’s Way check-in. Ha ha. It took it as an answer. Thanks, Universe!

Another synchronicity? In one of this week’s exercises, I had written that I wished I could see my friend Bruce more often. He lives about 2889km (1795miles) away. My thought that it would be nice to go there to visit.

But he ended up coming to my part of the world for business, so we got to spend a few hours in person! Crazy!! And I only found out about his trip AFTER I had written my wish down…

We can choose to interpret things like that as a sign or as a random coincidence. It’s up to us.

I decide to take it as a sign. And as an encouragement to keep going with these Artist’s Way activities. That will be my prime goal in the next little while.

It’s funny. I found myself thinking about playwriting ideas this week. And getting excited by them.

That’s a good sign. Is Creative Spring on the horizon…?

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