Artistic Rehab Check-in #4

I’ve been limping along working on my Artistic Recovery. It seems to take me a month to finish these “week” long sessions.

That’s my fault, though. Not the program’s. I am very happy with the work that’s coming out of following The Artist’s Way. I wish I was better at following through with it.

The temptation to start over is still there. In fact, I did this “week” twice, but found that I still took a while to get it done. So, this check-in is a mixture of both attempts at week four.

Still, rather than staying stuck, I’ve moved on.

The tricky exercise that I didn’t attempt the first time was “Reading Deprivation”. It’s hard not to read stuff!

The goal is to avoid the mind-numbing reading. Reading that is an attempt to relieve boredom. Reading without a real purpose.

But that was a hard nut to crack.

I kept catching myself scrolling through FB or looking at Instagram. I even picked up a magazine and read an entire article before I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be reading.

It was a good exercise, but I failed at it.

Cameron also mentions that dreams will become stronger and clearer. And you’ll find yourself remembering your nighttime dreams.

I used to always remember my dreams but for decades, I haven’t. I’d remember the occasional one, but for the most part, I wouldn’t even be aware of having dreamed.

That has changed. I don’t always remember my dreams, but since I started this process, I am aware of dreaming. And I’ve remembered a whole lot of them, too!

To me, that’s a significant breakthrough.

I managed to do my Morning Pages every day this week. Cameron refers to them as a spiritual chiropractic. I can see why.

There’s something about writing it out in long hand that tickles a different part of the brain than typing does. I tend to write my first drafts in long hand, also. Later, I transcribe them into whatever application I’m using.

I didn’t do an Artist Date this week. Shame on me.

But I spent a little time writing. First time in a long time. Nothing significant. But it was a start.

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