November’s Mile Marker

Last month, I posted about keeping track of the monthly “mile” markers on my journey to my Marathon Weight. My weight goes up and down, so I keep track of the monthly average. It shows me how effective my weight loss has been.

November’s monthly average was 187.6lbs. Yay! That’s down 0.9lbs from October’s average weight.

But here’s the interesting thing…

I realized that I was only looking at my average weight at the end of the month. After the fact.

I have a simple spreadsheet that I plug in my daily weight. At the end of the month, I add up the totals and divide by the number of days. Simple.

But I wasn’t seeing my average weight in real time. I was “eyeballing” it during the month and getting the actual average after the month was over.

It explains why my weight loss average kept fluctuating between May and August.

I decided to change my spreadsheet so that it calculates my monthly average every time I put in an entry. What a difference that made!

I could see in “real time” that my November average weight was between September and October’s weight. It was going up. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it was within my power to do something about it. I could put a bit more focus on my fasting to progress towards the October weight and maybe sneak below it. And get closer to my Marathon Weight.

Because I saw that I was trending above my previous month’s weight, I was able to turn it around. Imagine that!

Maybe I’ll be able to reach my Marathon Weight sooner with this little tweak…

© 2020 Peter Gruner

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