Holiday Food

It’s that time of year again. Imagine Paul Revere, riding his horse through town shouting: The Holidays are Coming! The Holidays are coming!

For some, the holidays are already here. And for others, they are just around the corner.

Holiday time is tricky. Especially, when you’re trying to watch your weight. Even in these pandemic times, there will be holiday food. Maybe less than usual. Maybe more than usual.

And let’s face it. Some of the holiday fare is not exactly healthy for you. But, it sure tastes good! And some of that food also brings back happy memories and joy. It’s more than food.

You know what I did last year when the holiday season rolled around after finally reaching my KFC Weight? After I spent so much time trying to reach a weight goal I had been trying years to reach?

I partook in the festivities. I enjoyed myself and celebrated with family and friends. And I stopped worrying about watching my weight.

Did I gain weight during the holidays last year? You bet I did.

I gained a whole 7lbs.

How long did it take me to get back to my KFC Weight with Intermittent Fasting after the holidays? One week.

Was it worth it? Yes. I plan do the same this year. I will enjoy all the food the season has to offer.

I hope you do too.

Enjoy the season.

© 2020 Peter Gruner

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