November 2022 Mile Marker

At the end of July, I decided to ease off on my quest for my Marathon Weight and enjoy the summer.

That enjoyment spread to the fall, too.

So, consider this Mile Marker covering August, September, and October, also.

I still fasted occasionally but I was going to town on the food side.

And I was rehearsing some plays where people brought treats. Sugary treats.

I ate them. Lots of them.

My occasional fasting was at odds with my indulging in mass eating. It was like trying to use a thimble to bail out water from a sinking boat.

Not much effect.

And at the end of November, I find myself facing the onslaught of the Holiday season. And let’s be realistic: It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

My average weight in November was 200.9lbs. With a low of 198.4lbs and a high of 204.2lbs. In August my average weight was 197.1lbs. In September, it was 199.8lbs. And October it was 201.1lbs.

You see the pattern?

I’m surprised it went down slightly for November. But hey, Santa Claus is coming to town and there’s going to be eating…

I’ll still track my December weight. But realistically I’ll be getting back on track for my Marathon Weight in January.

Hey, it will be like a New Year’s Resolution!

Areas that I know that I must focus on are avoiding the sugary treats. And no snacking in front of the TV.

Starting in January!

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