December 2022 Mile Marker

Happy New Year! I made sure that 2022 went out with a bang. Eating and drinking as one can only do during the festive season.

And now it’s time to pay the piper. The accounts are due…

As expected, my weight went up in December. My average weight was 204.4lbs. With a high of 208.8lbs and a low of 201.6lbs.

Although, to be honest, most of 2022 was a slippery slide for me, weight-wise. My average weight only went down in three out of twelve months.

I know what did me in.

Sugar. Carbs. Alcohol. And late night snacking.

The usual suspects.

My system didn’t fail me. I didn’t follow it well enough.

I suppose my system failed me in the sense that I didn’t make it more “fool proof”. And I’ve proved myself to be a fool often enough to know better! 😉

I’m glad that I’m back to where I began a little more than three years ago. It’s time to refocus and start again.

When things were working well, I was fasting consistently. And following a regular morning routine. Starting the morning right helps set the tone for the rest of day.

For January, I’m going to keep my focus small. I want to get back into a regular morning routine before I have to start my working day.

Part of that routine is doing affirmations. It’s funny, but missing my morning affirmations might have contributed to my slide up the scale.

And I will continue to fast during the week. With at least one extended fast a month.

Weekends will be enjoyed without any fasting.

Keep it simple. And we’ll see what January brings.

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