July Mile Marker

Last month I thought my Marathon Weight was within reach… So much for wishful thinking.

My average weight went up last month. It was 184lbs, up 1.4lbs. Which is not a tragedy in the scheme of things. My lowest weight was 181lbs and highest was 187.2lbs.

As I’ve said before, Intermittent Fasting is a back and forth process. I had some extenuating circumstances that affected me in July though.


I had a gout flare up which required me to take medication. Medication needed to be taken with food.

So, for at least two weeks, I wasn’t fasting. D-oh! In fact, I wasn’t even moving much.

Which doesn’t bode well for August, either. Because that’s when I take my vacation. And I wasn’t planning on doing any fasting during my time off. But I’ll worry about that later…

Still, I didn’t gain much weight, all things considered.

And this was another month without any extended fasts. The longest fast was 20 hours, which is my go-to fast length now.

I find it easy to wait until work is over before eating any food. It fits in with the work day, especially when I’m working from home and can break my fast at 5pm on the dot.

I could push myself with a few extended fasts to get to my Marathon Weight since I’m so close to it. But I want to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

We’re into the dog days of summer and I’ll keep up the slow and steady pace. There’s been so many restrictions on everyone this last year and a half, so I want to enjoy this time as much as possible.

Happy August everyone!

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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