June Mile Marker

I’m inching closer to that Marathon Weight!

My average weight for June was 182.6lbs. My heaviest weight was 186.5 and my lightest weight was 176.4.

The up and down game continues.

But it was a significant drop in my average weight from the previous months. May’s average was 185.0lbs. So I went down almost 2.5lbs.

Yay for me!

One of the things that helped was an extended fast of 62 hours early in the month. That’s when my weight dipped down to 176.4lbs.

For the rest of the time, I stuck to my routine of 20 hour fasting during the week. And no fasting on the weekends.

I could reach my Marathon Weight quicker if I fasted more often, but I want to enjoy things too. There was a lot of delicious food consumed in June! Especially some Father’s Day treats!

I’m still running three times a week, but I didn’t do the 7 Minute Workout at all during June. I’ve been lax on that front. So not much exercise on the non-running days. Except for doing a few squats and walking the dog.

I’ve got a good routine going on the fasting front. For July, I might throw in a couple of extended fasts, but not quite as long as the June one. Maybe a couple of 24-36 hour fasts?

Come on, July! I think the finish line is almost in sight…

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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