April Mile Marker

I finally feel like I’m getting back on track towards my Marathon Weight! My average weight for April was 186.2lbs.

Down three pounds from my March average. Yay!

What changed this month?

I didn’t do as many multi-day fasts as I did in March or February. But I did two 41-hour fasts. One at the beginning of the month and the other two weeks later.

And most of my weekday fasts were twenty hours. So, I’d have my last food or drink at 9pm and then fast until 5pm the next day. It helps that I’m working from home most days, so I could break my fast as soon as the work day finished. It was a mini-reward.

I also downloaded an app called “Fastic” which helps you track your fasting times. I ignore the frequent requests to upgrade to the paid version. But I like having a record for how long I fasted on a particular day. It’s so easy to lose track.

Affirmations helped keep me focused, but I didn’t always remember to use them. I still had challenges with night snacking. Watching TV late at night is definitely a trigger for snacking. For May, I’m restricting my TV watching to the weekends (Friday to Sunday). Oh, the humanity…

On the exercise front, I wasn’t as consistent with my 7 Minute Workouts in April, as I was for March. But I ran a bit more, averaging about twice a week.

They were short jogs, more for health than weight loss. A short jog was about 30 minutes running along the paths in the park. I try to keep my heart rate low, so I don’t go fast.

On the weekends, I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No fasting.

Focus without obsession is the key.

For May, I will “rinse and repeat”. I’m back in the groove and reaching my Marathon Weight is just around the bend!

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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