March Mile Marker

My weight crept up in March. My average weight was 189.2lbs — an increase of 0.5lb over February’s average.

Although, I was a little disappointed, I have to look at it in perspective. It was only half a pound…

Instead of beating myself up, I looked closer at my plan.

Last month, I decided to focus on exercising. And that is going to help me push forward on reaching my Marathon Weight. But it takes a little while to see the effects of exercise. I started slowly with the exercise regimen and it’s only part of my strategy.

Intermittent Fasting remains the main focus.

Another thing I noticed is that I started snacking while watching TV again. It happens when I’m watching TV late at night. I get a hankering for something crunchy and then next thing I know, I’m chowing down on some tortilla chips and salsa.

For April, I’m going to be more conscious about late night snacking. I’ll come up with some affirmations to repeat to keep me focused. I might even turn off the TV, if I have to.

Oh, man, please don’t let it come to that…

Affirmations will help keep me focused. I get into trouble when I’m on auto-pilot and give into my cravings.

I’ll see how April plays out. I have a feeling that this month will bring me back on track to reaching my Marathon Weight.

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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