The KFC Wait is Over!

I reached my goal!  I got down to my KFC Weight (200 lbs) and I went to visit the Colonel.  Was it Finger Licking Good?

It tasted better than I expected.  I thought it would taste greasy and disgusting.  It tasted like victory.

For two and a half years, I’ve wanted to get to my KFC Weight.  For health reasons and to reach a goal set with my friend Mike.  Sadly, we set that goal shortly before Mike died of a heart attack.

My goal to get to my KFC Weight was only in my mind for most of the time.  It wasn’t until I wrote a blog post about it that I started to make real progress with my weight loss.  Less than six months after the initial post, I reached the goal.

At the end of August, my weight dipped under 200 lbs for a day.  I decided that I would have to maintain the weight for a week before I would visit KFC.

I’ve been able to maintain it for three weeks now!  I even had to go to Value Village to buy some smaller jeans.

It was a great feeling to lift a KFC drumstick into the air and say, “This is for you, Mike!”  (The other three pieces of chicken were for me…)


© 2019 Peter Gruner

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