Getting to my KFC Weight

For almost three years my friend Mike and I would post our daily weight in the hopes of encouraging each other to lose weight. We didn’t diet, but just tried to be aware of our eating. In those 34 months, our weights went down and went up.

Eventually, we started marking who had lost the most or gained the least during a week and considered that person to be the winner of the week and they would get a point. If someone was winning by 5 points the other person had to buy drinks. A sure way to lose weight!

We went back and forth. We’d waver between 207 and 220lbs. Neither of us was able to crack 200lbs.

We started the weigh-in after I had directed Mike in a play in 2014. Two years later, he helped me get a job at his workplace. We carried on with the daily weigh-in taking breaks for Christmas and when one of us went on holiday.

One day, we were sitting in the office and our coworker, Jean, came in with some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mike and I joked that we needed to get our weight down to 200lbs before we could indulge in some KFC. 200 lbs was our KFC weight. Mike lamented that he was never going to taste Kentucky Fried Chicken again.

He was right.

A few weeks after making that joke, Mike died from a heart attack.

That was two years ago. It was a shock and a great loss. I’d like to say that it inspired me to focus intently on losing weight, but it takes effort and commitment to lose weight. Something that Resistance likes to discourage.

Recently, I have started exercising. And watching what I eat. A bit, anyway. I don’t have a weigh-in buddy, but I’ve been thinking about Mike. The anniversary of his death was last week and I decided that I’m going to get down to 200lbs. And when I do, I’m going to have some KFC in honour of him.

It will probably be disgusting, but it’s a symbolic gesture that I find oddly motivating. Cue the Rocky soundtrack. I’ve got to get to my KFC weight!


© 2019 Peter Gruner

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