If at first you don’t succeed…

After publishing yesterday’s post about writing a daily post for the next thirty days, I had a nagging feeling. Had I done this before? I searched my site and discovered that I had attempted this seven years ago, almost to the day!

I had forgotten about that previous attempt. And it was unsuccessful. I made it to a week and a half before it fizzled out.

I’m glad I discovered this after I made yesterday’s declaration. I might not have posted about it otherwise. I would feel self-conscious that I had made a public announcement previously and not followed through. It would have been ammunition for Resistance.

One of the reasons I made the public announcement was to put me on the hook to get it done. Remembering the previous attempt AFTER I made the declaration will help fuel me forward, too. It is another reason to recommit. I made a previous attempt and didn’t succeed. By gosh, I’m going to try again, try harder and succeed this time!

(And if I don’t succeed this time, I’ll try again until I get it done!)

© 2019 Peter Gruner

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