30 Days of Blogs

Although I had intended to write a blog a week for 2012, life has thrown a few curves my way and I just found that I haven’t been motivated to do it.  The first four months of 2012 have been pretty tough – but that will be a later blog post.   It’s funny because I have blog topics to write about, but it just seems like so much effort to write a blog in addition to the other writing that I’ve been doing and finding time to live life.  🙂

However, I came across a blog post by Steve Pavlina talking about starting a thirty day trial for a habit that you want to develop.  Now, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily do that habit for the rest of your life, but committing to do it consistently for thirty days should give you a good idea about the benefits and practicality of the habit.

Let me state right now, that I don’t see myself writing a daily blog after the thirty days are up, but I think it will help me get into the habit of a weekly post.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll get addicted to it…

I don’t imagine that all the blogs will be lengthy ones, either.  My plan is to write the blog on the train ride into work.  Of course, that brings up the question of the weekend – usually my downfall when trying to establish habits.

I’m limping through an attempt to do a 100 Day Challenge.  I set a bunch of goals in mid-February in the hopes of attaining them by late May.  They’re not going so well.  Which reminded me of a previous post about setting goals.  You’ve got to start off small.  And actually, my goals were broken down into small pieces, but if I don’t work on them consistently, I fall behind the schedule and then I’m scrambling.  And it becomes a big snowball of failure.  Sigh.

So.  One habit at a time.  For the next thirty days, the only habit I’m trying to establish is writing a daily blog.  It will help me focus on my playwriting, help me articulate ideas kicking around my brain and get me doing some non-script writing.

Day one is done.  😉

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