March 2023 Mile Marker

March was a better month than February. The weight pendulum has started swinging the other way.

And I think it was just reminding myself not to snack after 9pm that had the biggest impact this month.

Let’s be clear: It didn’t always stop me from snacking.

But I managed to reduce the snacking.

My average weight for March was 205.8lbs. Down 4.1lbs from February. Highest weight was 210.4lbs. Lowest weight 200.4lbs.

It’s often the small things that matter.

And it’s so easy to forget that. I haven’t been as diligent reminding myself in April. But we’ll see how that goes in next month’s update…

Awareness is key.

In the months where I’m tracking my process daily, I tend to lose more weight.

I don’t mean weighing myself daily, because I do that every day. It’s part of my wake up routine.

I mean tracking what I plan to do or eat. Not to the point of obsession. Just tracking or planning. Making notes to myself.

Oddly enough, tracking what or when I’m going to eat seems to have more of an effect than what I eat.

One evening, I ate a whole medium pizza. And my weight still went down the following morning!

But I have been trying to eat better. Not for weight loss. But for general health.

I’m still snacking on the occasional salty snacks. I try to offset that by eating good stuff for my meals.

March was the one of the only months in the last 12 months where my weight didn’t go up. Let’s see if I can keep that trend going…

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