Artistic Rehab Check-in #6

This week focuses on cultivating your feelings of abundance.

You don’t have to be rich or in the black to be able to feel wealthy.

Sometimes it’s about having an occasional treat that makes you feel well off.

What does luxury mean to you?

For some people, it’s buying a horse.

For others, it’s getting a subscription to a magazine they like.

Or is it a weekly pastry at a fancy coffee place?

Delight yourself with things that make you happy. Give yourself small treats and bribes.

Cameron says that art is born in expansion. With the awareness that there is enough to go around. Enough for us to thrive.

She says it’s critical to pamper ourselves. Because the sense of abundance will allow us to create.

Too often we fall into the Virtue Trap of denying the small treats that come our way. We tell ourselves that it’s silly. It’s frivolous.

But sometimes the Virtue Trap blocks us from seeing opportunities. From being expansive. From accepting the gifts that are meant for us.

Gifts that maybe we need but don’t realize we need.

One of the frivolous treats I gave myself was a day off from work for my birthday. Usually, I work on my birthday. It’s just a day, right? Why waste a vacation day on it?

But I did.

And it felt great to give myself the gift of a day off. For no reason. And I hung out at home.

It was lovely.

It was during this session that I started to feel an ember of creativity building. It hasn’t manifested in playwriting, yet.

But it’s growing. And ideas are percolating.

4 thoughts on “Artistic Rehab Check-in #6

  1. I was going to cancel my facial appointment as I felt it was too frivolous with being let go.  But I reconsidered th

    • Yay! It’s important to be kind to yourself. One of the other things Julia Cameron says is to treat yourself like a precious object. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I’ve found it beneficial to give myself a treat every now and then even. Enjoy!

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