January 2023 Mile Marker

Well, January went as expected. In the wrong direction. But the holiday season caught up with me, so it makes sense.

My average weight was 207.8lbs (up 3.4lbs from December). My heaviest was 212.4lbs – the heaviest I’ve weighed in three years. And my lightest was 204.6lbs.

The Intermittent Fasting Do-si-do continues.

And even though I was better at tracking my eating behaviours, I wasn’t so good at improving them.

I still succumbed to sugar cravings and eating left over holiday food.

I still ended up watching late night TV and snacking on nachos. My kryptonite!!

I still drank some liquid calories (beer) after 9pm.

On the plus side, I got in one extended fast of 41 hours. It had been a little while since my previous one, so it felt good to get one in.

But here’s the thing.

You can get a sense of how well my progress is going by what day of the month I write my update. The earlier in the month, the better.

I’m writing my January update on the last day of February. Not a good sign for my progress in February…

How’s that for foreshadowing for my next Mile Marker?

What I learned from January was that I need to stick to a routine. Will I able to do it in February? You can guess the answer…

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