June 2022 Mile Marker

The backwards slide continues. I set up a fasting schedule at the beginning of the month, but didn’t end up following it.

My average weight for June was 192.8lbs. Up 1.1lbs from May. My highest weight was 196.4 and my lowest was 186.2.

I tracked my weekly average weight this month. This is the weekly breakdown:

Week 1 = 194.8 lbs average

Week 2 = 193.3 lbs average

Week 3 = 192.5 lbs average

Week 4 = 191.1 lbs average.

Weekly tracking seemed to help a bit. I went down in weight each week, but I started with a higher average. So, it didn’t have the desired impact.

I intended to have a few longer fasts. But I only ended up doing a single longer fast in the middle of the month. 57 hours.

Part of the problem was that I wasn’t consistent during the week. Instead of doing my regular 20hr fasts during the week, I missed a few days each week.

And the days that I did intermittent fasting were shorter fasts.

Again, instead of beating myself up, I’m looking at the bigger picture. I know that I will reach my Marathon Weight, but it’s taking longer because I’m not in a rush to get there.

It looks like July will be more of the same, too. And that’s okay.

Although Covid hasn’t left us, it feels like most things are getting back to some semblance of normal. So there’s more socializing and getting out than usual for the last couple of years.

And because it’s summer there’s later evenings and hanging out with folks.

It’s all good.

© 2022 Peter Gruner

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