May 2022 Mile Marker

This was one of those two-steps-forward and one-step-backward kind of months. Meaning that the last two months my weight went down, but my weight for May went up.

My average weight for May was 191.7lbs. Up 1lb from my April weight. I had a high weight of 197lbs, which is my highest weight all year. And a low weight of 186.6lbs.

So what happened?

I got in two multi-day fasts. One for 40-hours and another for 43-hours. And on the other weekdays I was fasting 16 to 20 hours a day.

Should have kept me on track, right?

Apparently not.

I skipped a few days of fasting because I was donating blood. I didn’t fast a couple of days before and after the donation. And I was eating a lot to make sure I had good hemoglobin levels.

But the main culprit was late night snacking.

I still succumb that siren call when watching TV. And I’m writing this update late in June, so I know that I’ve been repeating that bad habit. I’m trending to gaining weight for June as well.

I realized that March and April were good months because my TV watching was down. I was rehearsing and performing in a play, so I wasn’t home every night.

It’s the late night binge-fest that does me in.

If I only watch an episode or two and then turn off the TV, I’m fine. But watching TV is like eating chips for me. I can’t just watch one…

But I will try to. During the week. I can consider it an aspect of fasting.

TV fasting.

Another thing that I’m going to try for next month is to track my weekly progress. I’ll calculate my weekly average weight and try to make sure that I’m trending in the right direction.

It’s something that I do at work. Charting my weekly progress to make sure that I’m on track on my goals. It keeps me moving forward on my Objectives and Development Plan.

Tracking my weekly progress will help me stay engaged on this front, too.

© 2022 Peter Gruner

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