March 2022 Mile Marker

Looks like my course correction worked. Finally, after a few months of going in the wrong direction, my weight has started to go down again.

My monthly average weight for March was 192.1lbs. Down 2.2lbs from February. My highest weight of the month was 196.6lbs and my lowest weight was 188.2lbs.

I’m sure monitoring my water intake helped keep me on track.

And reducing my TV time, which reduced my snacking prompts.

But it was my tweak of asking myself “What can I do today to help me reach my Marathon Weight?” every morning, that helped the most.


But it kept my focus on reaching my Marathon Weight.

Of course, I had some longer fasts in there. I fit in four 2-Day fasts and one 3-Day fast. It was asking myself the morning question that helped me do the longer fasts. And helped motivate me to stay on them.

I worried that I reset my setpoint for my weight because I had been increasing my average weight. For the last few months.

Setpoint is weight that your body tries to maintain. It’s like the thermostat in your room. If it gets too hot, it cools down to get to the setpoint. If it gets too cold, it heats up to get to the setpoint.

The extended fasts helped push the needle back on that. I feel like I’m back in the groove.

For April, I will stick to last month’s plan. I don’t think I need to add anything else to it. In fact, I won’t have as many extended fasts.

I’ll stick to the current plan and decide if I need more tweaks next month.

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