November Mile Marker

I had high hopes for moving the needle a little further towards my Marathon Weight.  But November pushed me further away from it. 

My average weight for the month was 183.3 lbs.  Up 1.1 lbs from October.

Oh well.

My heaviest was 188.1 lbs and my lightest was 180.6 lbs. 

What happened?  I didn’t do anything that I planned to do.

In my previous Mile Marker, I talked about cutting down snacking while watching TV.  And not eating junk food.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything concrete to address those issues.

I must keep those plans top of mind.  Or make real plans, instead of “oh-yeah-I’ll-get-to-it-someday” plans.

I’ve just set an alarm on my phone for 8:30pm everyday:  “Stop snacking now.”

And I’ve scheduled two days in the month to do a 24-hour fast:  December 6th and December 20th. 

There.  I’ve drawn a line in the sand.

Now, December is the holiday month.  There’s going to be goodies galore.  You know what’s great about Intermittent Fasting?  It’s forgiving for the occasional indulgences. 

I will be indulgent in December!  Life is short and we should partake in celebrations.

That is my caveat that I expect my weight to go up a bit more in December.  No use in pretending otherwise.  😉

But I will maintain my regular Intermittent Fasting schedule for most of the month.  Hopefully that will reduce the impact of the feasts and festivities. 

And help me be in good form to tackle January.

© Peter Gruner

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