October Mile Marker

I wasn’t sure how October was going to turn out.  Weight-wise, I mean.

Thanksgiving is in October in Canada.  So there was going to be some feasting.

And I was donating blood later in the month.  Which meant that I was going to abstain from fasting a few days before and after. 

A couple of breaks from fasting and consuming more than normal!  I was up for the challenge, though.

My average weight for October was 182.2lbs.  Down 0.5lbs from September.  With a high weight of 187.6lbs and a low weight of 175.5lbs.

I also fit in a 83-hour fast.  The last time I did a fast that long was back in February.

It was during that fast that I realized I’ve been taking it a bit too easy.  I’m committed to getting to my Marathon Weight, but I haven’t been “driven” to get there.

I’ve been more concerned with getting there without pushing myself too hard.

But I also noticed that I’ve been taking the fasting for granted.  I’ve been snacking while watching TV.  And eating too much junk food.

It’s time to recalibrate.  And the long fast helped with that.  I must recommit to no snacking in the evenings.

I might throw in a couple of longer fasts.  Probably not another 83-hour one.  More like some 24-hour or 36-hour fasts. 

Let’s see if I can inch closer to the finish line in November!

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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