Grocery Fasting

Last month I realized that I had to go on a Grocery Fast!

It wasn’t for a long time. But I went a couple of weeks without doing any groceries. And I could have gone longer, but we wanted to eat some fresh produce.

I’ve been Fasting for two years now. So you’d think I’d be able to adjust my shopping quantities by now. But a couple of things came into play.

Deb started doing some Intermittent Fasting recently. And our daughter had been living with us for the summer, but she went back to school at the end of August. So, household consumption was down.

I was still in summer grocery shopping mode. So many delicious things in season!

And the fridge was staying full instead of emptying at a reasonable rate.

We also had veges from the garden that needed consuming.

The full fridge was preventing me from doing any extended fasts because I didn’t want food to go to waste. Doh!

The grocery fast was a good idea.

But a better idea would be to shop in moderation. (Which I have problems doing…)

Or planning our meals ahead of time. And only buying the ingredients that we need for the week.

I’m still working on that. I can see why those companies that give you menu plans and ship you the food are doing well.

October has been better. I’ve bought less food when I’ve gone shopping.

And I know that I can go on another grocery fast if we end up with too much food in the fridge!

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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