Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot…

One the positive things to come out of the pandemic for me is that some friends and I have had a weekly Zoom meeting. The Corona Check-In.

There are seven of us invited. Some show up more often than others. But everyone keeps coming.

Most of us have been friends since high school or earlier. I’ve been friends with one of the guys since kindergarten! (That’s about fifty-three years ago…)

Each week we chat about the pandemic, how it’s affecting us, and what we’ll do when it’s over. We discuss some politics but not a lot — we agree to disagree. We talk about the shows that we’re streamed, the books we’ve read, or the podcasts we’ve listened to. We get into philosophical discussions. We retell the old stories and remind each other of details that some of us have forgotten.

To be honest, I’m surprised that we’re still meeting weekly. But we keep showing up. So, we keep chatting.

Each session lasts an hour to ninety minutes. Some of us talk more than others. But the discussions are usually fun and interesting.

The great thing about long time friends is that there is a short hand. Of inside jokes and shared experiences. And just plain comfort being around each other.

Before Covid, we were lucky if some of us saw each other once a year or so. But it had been years since we were all together in the same place. We live in different cities. One of us in a different country. And we have families and lives that keep us busy.

We communicated in emails, texts, or Facebook posts.

And then the pandemic happened and the Zoom age come into full bloom.

It has been a real gift to be able to see these guys every week. To share some laughs. To listen to their stories. To hang out.

A Zoom meeting is not the same as being together in person. But it’s pretty darn close. I’m lucky to be able spend the time with them.

When things get back to normal… And thoughts of the pandemic are fading… I will remain grateful for the gift of the Corona Check-in.

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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