Happy Not Father’s Day!

Today isn’t Father’s Day. But I thought it was. (I’m not crying. You’re crying.)

I know Father’s Day is in June. In Canada. But apparently, it’s on the third Sunday of June, not the second one.

I forgot.

My father passed away nine years ago, so I haven’t had to get anything ready for Father’s Day in almost a decade. I’m on the receiving end nowadays. I happily accept the adoration of my children on Father’s Day, but I don’t mark the date in my calendar.

I saw a few advertisements for Father’s Day shopping so I thought it was today. This Sunday.

This morning, I walked around expectantly, like a kid who knows that they’re getting a surprise party. And rehearses the “surprise”.

But my surprise never came.

No one wished me Happy Father’s Day. 😦 None of my kids called. Deb didn’t even greet me with a “Happy Father’s day”…

My first thought was that they were teasing me. They’re going to surprise me later.

But later never came.

I was kind of hurt.

It was after lunch that looked up the date for Father’s Day and realized it’s next week.

Next Week!!

I was getting all the “feels” of being ignored for no reason at all.

Yep. Kind of crazy.

How was your day?

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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