The Shipping Report

I’m more than halfway through my 30 days of Shipping now. The “shipping” has taken the form of blogging… In case you’re wondering why I’ve been posting so much lately. 😉

Seth Godin always recommends shipping often. To get your work out there. To be productive. To be generous. To be open with your community.

Two years ago, I did a 30 Days of Blogging challenge, so this effort is similar. But I’m also trying to work on some other projects. They just aren’t ready to ship yet.

There have been a few days where I’ve struggled to come up with an idea to post. And my deadline has loomed. Tick tock. Tick tock…

In those cases, I’ve thought: if a buddy of mine was here right now, what would we talk about? What would I say to them?

When in doubt, talk it out.

Another thing I’d like to do is to write a couple of blog posts in a day. So, I can have a few posts queued up. Then I wouldn’t be scrambling at the last minute to get them written.

I’ve managed to get a few posts written early in the day and scheduled them to publish in the evening. But I haven’t managed to write any a day in advance. Eventually, I will.

But these are a lot of posts. Especially since I was averaging one or two a month before this. I don’t expect people to read every post.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by my output, you can ignore some of these posts. Or put off reading them until later. Blog posts are much easier to find than posts on other social media platforms. Have you ever tried to find an old post on Facebook? Sheesh!

Even my wife is a few days behind on her reading. 😀

I’ll have another shipping report at the end of the 30 Days.

© 2021 Peter Gruner

2 thoughts on “The Shipping Report

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve always been interested in this term by Seth Godin, and “ship often”—I might be butchering that by paraphrasing—is a mantra I try to keep up with. Thanks for this post!

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