Affirming Affirmations

I’ve used affirmations for years.  I think that’s one of the reasons the Miracle Morning and the SAVERS were so easy for me to adopt. 

Sometimes I use wishful affirmations where you make a statement that you hope will some day be true.  Like “I have an abundance of wealth” or “I pay all my bills in full every month”. 

I’m more likely to do what I call practical affirmations.  Where I state something that is true and keeps me focused on my tasks or goals.  Like “I work towards my Marathon Weight by watching When I eat and What I eat.”  Or “I reduce my eating window to increase my weight loss”.

In fact, the practical affirmations can egg me on or give me that little boost when my willpower is lagging.  When a late-night craving comes on, saying an affirmation can deflect the craving and keep me on track. 

Unfortunately, I don’t always remember to use the affirmation when I need to… but I’m getting better.

And it’s not only for my weight loss goals that affirmations help.  I have affirmations for my marriage (”Love is an action and I take action every day”). 

I have affirmations for writing (”I can write fast and create content that’s worth reading”).

And I have financial affirmations.  Although, those do tend to be wishful affirmations…  😉

I have a long list of affirmations.

Sometimes I say them all during my morning routine.  Often, I say a selection of them. 

I try to shake it up and rotate them.  So that the affirmations stay intentional.  I don’t want them to become rote things that I repeat, but don’t think about.

The thing I like about affirmations is that they’re like exercise for your attitude.  And my attitude often needs all the help it can get!  😉

© 2021 Peter Gruner

2 thoughts on “Affirming Affirmations

  1. Hi Peter. I just finished reading your affirmations post. I just wanted to say that I follow, listen and read those who inspire me. And you are one! Thanks for sharing.

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