February’s Mile Marker

February proved to be a more difficult month than I expected. My February weight was 188.7lbs, which is only down 0.2lbs from January’s weight. And I had to throw in a couple of multi-day fasts to get down to that average.

What happened?

I had a game plan after January’s experience… but I didn’t follow through with it.

I planned to exercise more, but didn’t. I planned to eat less sugar, but didn’t. I planned to listen to the circadian rhythms more, but didn’t.

It didn’t help that my birthday is in February. And my daughter’s birthday, too. So there was some birthday cake and sweets. We also ended up eating a lot more than usual because there weren’t any people over to share the goodies with.

The key here is not to make excuses. The key is that my plan needs adjusting.

Instead of focusing on three things, let me take one of them. What’s the easiest one I can focus on?

Probably exercise… Exercise? Am I crazy?

No. I have time in the morning for a couple of minutes of exercise. I will start small.

So, for the rest of March, I’ll add a 7 minute workout to my morning routine. I downloaded the 7 Minute Workout app from Johnson & Johnson a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve already started using the app. It’s tough starting over from scratch again — trying to get an exercise routine in when you haven’t done any for a while. And the 7 minute workout feels long right now.

I’ll still be doing my regular Intermittent Fasting during the week. So, I’ll see how the addition of daily exercise helps with the Marathon Weight. A month might not be enough time to see an impact, but it will give me a sense of it.

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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