Exercise Your Integrity

Resistance can kill your integrity. That siren call prevents you from doing what you said you would do. It makes you break your word, even if it was only to yourself.

We get too used to making excuses instead of following through with commitments. It’s easier to come up with a reason why you couldn’t do the work than to just buckle down and do the work!

And the more excuses you make, the easier it is to continue in the pattern of not doing the thing you want to do. Before you know it, months have passed and you are no closer to accomplishing anything.

We need to exercise our integrity.


Say you’ll do something and do it. Commit. No excuses.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it goes against our habitual pattern. But it is the only way to strengthen your will power and integrity. It’s the only way to get closer to accomplishing the things you want to accomplish.

I told myself that I would write this blog post and wrote it. What are you going to do?

© 2019 Peter Gruner

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