Something About An Audience…

Left to Right: Les Blackmore, Deb Dagenais, A.J. Haygarth, Julie Pierias, and Kyla McCall

Left to Right: Les Blackmore, Deb Dagenais, A.J. Haygarth, Julie Pierias, and Kyla McCall

When you rehearse a play, you spend weeks with the same people going over the script, learning lines and testing out blocking.  It is an insular experience and after a while, it is easy to feel that you don’t have an objective view about the piece that you are working on.  Something is missing…

You need an audience.

There is something about having people come in to see a show that transforms it from a rehearsal to a performance.  It isn’t just the fact that people are there. Those people — the audience — bring in the missing component to a performance.  They bring an “energy” to the show.

Performing Arts need people to experience the art.  A live performance is so different from a recorded one.  Anything can happen.  It is never ever exactly the same.  Always changing slightly.

It’s kind of like quantum physics.  The art is affected by the observer of the art.  The audience becomes an unwitting participant in the piece.  Sometimes a willing or unwilling participant.  Their reactions impact the actors slightly or overtly.  It’s exciting!

Mommy’s Mask touches a little bit on the concept of energy and it’s use in performance.  But we discussed it in detail in the rehearsal process.

We had our Dress Rehearsal on Monday with an audience of 7 people.  And even that small number kicked up the performances a notch.  They added the extra “spice” needed to push the performances a little deeper.  I’m looking forward to seeing a larger audience experience the play and enhance the experience for all of us.

But to do that, we need you help.  Please come out and see Mommy’s Mask!


Mommy’s Mask at the Hamilton Fringe Festival

Written and Directed by Peter Gruner

Featuring: Les Blackmore, Deb Dagenais, AJ Haygarth, Kyla McCall, and Julie Pierias

Stage Manager: Anne Hogan

Producer/Assistant Stage Manager: Nancie Mleczko

Citadel Theatre – 28 Rebecca Street, Hamilton, ON

Friday, July 18th at 7:00PM

Saturday, July 19th at 12:30PM

Sunday, July 20th at 2:00PM

Wednesday, July 23rd at 9:30PM

Friday, July 25th at 6:00PM

Saturday, July 26th at 11:00PM

Sunday, July 27th at 2:00PM

Tickets: $10.00 (with a $4.00 Fringe Backer button required)

For Advance Online Tickets:

Approximately 50 minutes

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