Mommy’s Mask Campaign Begins!

CampaignBegins-lrThe countdown is on and the campaign has begun! For the next two weeks or so, I will be living, breathing and spouting about the Hamilton Fringe and my show Mommy’s Mask. Let me apologize in advance for getting on your nerves.

Advertising for your Fringe show is a delicate balance of informing and annoying people. Because it is critical to get people out to see the show, especially at the beginning of the run, it is necessary to keep reminding people about it.

And how does one remind people about the show? Good old — well, maybe not so “old” — social media.

Expect to see posts on Facebook, blogs posts, and tweets about Mommy’s Mask. There might be some newspaper articles and radio interviews, too. But I also expect to do a lot of walking the street and handing out flyers. Yes, Mommy’s Mask will be doing it old school. So if you are in line waiting to see a show at the Hamilton Fringe, you might see me passing out postcards.

The Fringe is great because it offers a smorgasbord of theatrical experiences. But it can be challenging too because you are competing with a lot of other shows. The Hamilton Fringe has grown! Last time I was in the Fringe there were 28 shows to see; this year you can see at least 43!

And each show, including Mommy’s Mask, is going to be clamoring for your attention.

How can you help? Come see the show! Word of mouth is highest currency in a Fringe Festival.

You saw the show and loved it? Awesome! Please encourage other people to come see it too. Post it on your Facebook page. Tell people you know. Tell people on the street.

You saw the show and hated it? Really? Well, please let me know what it was that didn’t appeal to you. I’m always open to feedback.

Maybe this kind of show isn’t your cup of tea. Or maybe I really overlooked something and couldn’t see it because I’m too close to the project. Let me know. I can’t guarantee that I will incorporate the feedback, but I always appreciate receiving it.

If Mommy’s Mask just is not something that appeals to you, please try to think of some of your friends that it might appeal to and encourage them to go!

Can’t see the show because you will be away or don’t live near Hamilton, Ontario? Encourage other people to go see it.  You must know someone that lives in the area…

Well there you have it.  A lot of my strategy to get people to see my show involves you.  Or people like you.  Sneaky, eh?  I think Mommy’s Mask is a good show.  And it’s got a great team of actors and crew involved.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

And if you can’t come see our show, please try to get out and see someone else’s show.  A Fringe is a wonderful opportunity to sample all kinds of different theatrical experiences.

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