January 2022 Mile Marker

Ouch. As expected, my average weight for January was higher than usual. In fact, the last time it was that high was back in August of 2020!

My average weight for January was 192.0lbs. With my lowest weight being 187.2 and my highest weight being 196.8.

As I mentioned before, instead of getting frustrated I got curious.

It turns out that January is one of my “heaviest” months of the year. The past three years confirm this.

Gobbling up leftover Christmas treats after the holidays isn’t helpful apparently…

Lots of sugar and empty calories. Also, increased alcohol consumption. But that’s not all of it…

I have been getting complacent. Fasting but not eating healthily. Too much junk food.

And I’ve been snacking while watching late night TV. Which I can’t blame on the holidays. It’s been an ongoing issue.

It seems to take a little while for me to get back into a routine and break bad holiday habits.

I got in a couple of extended fasts, as planned. A 24-hour fast on January 5. And a 47-hour fast on Jan. 17. But I’ve got to get back into a regular routine for extended fasts like those to make an impact.

Time to refocus.

I’m getting a later start to my February fasting, because I donated blood yesterday. And I cut down on my intermittent fasting before and after donating blood.

But here’s the plan for the rest of February…

Cut back on sugar (again).

Eat healthier snacks.

Reduce TV watching to reduce snacking trigger – I’ll start by not watching TV 2 days a week for the rest of the month. Gah! KHAAAAAAAN!!

Do 2 extended fasts (24 hour +). One in the week of Feb. 14. Another one in the week of Feb. 21.

That’s the plan for the rest of the month. Let’s see how it works…

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