Learn Less, Do More

I have a problem.  I’m a self-help junkie.  I love reading self development books.

The problem is that I read them but I don’t take action on what I learn.

I’m not great with the follow through.

Darren Hardy said, “Learn less, do more.” 

Most of the time, we know enough. 

We know enough to get started on our projects.  But we want to know everything.  We want to prepare for contingencies.

It’s just an excuse. 

It’s just Resistance.

Nine times out of ten, the contingencies aren’t going to be needed. 

Steven Pressfield says, “Don’t prepare.  Begin.”

What are you putting off by telling yourself that you need more information?  Do you really need more information?  Really???


Do.  Do more. 

And keep going.

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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