Three’s a Crowd

I was going through my notes from Seth Godin’s Marketing seminar and found a link to a blog post of his from 2009.  It’s called “Guy #3”. 

The post has a link to a video from the Sasquatch music festival and shows a spontaneous dance mob forming.  Seth’s point is that until Guy #3 joined in, it was just a crazy guy or two dancing.  After Guy #3 joins, it erupts into a dance frenzy. 

Guy #3 tipped it into a movement.

But how do you find your Guy #3?  And let’s face it, your Guy #3 might actually be Gal #54 or #136.  Who knows?

Everyone wants to get to the crowd.  To have the raving fans.  To be a massive hit.

Unfortunately, you don’t just become a hit.  You don’t automatically appeal to everyone.

The reality is that you have to find a few people to start the movement.  You should focus small before you can go big. 

The thing to note in the video is that the artist kept singing when there was only one crazy guy dancing.  And they kept singing as the dance mob grew.

Stop worrying about how big your audience is. 

Do the work.  Whatever your work is. 

Keep doing it.  Ship it. 

And let your Guy or Gal #1 find you.  And then Guy or Gal #2.  Eventually your Guy or Gal #3 will find you too. 

Here’s a link to Seth’s blog post.  Enjoy the video!

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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