Monday Musings…

How long will it be before things get back to normal, after things get back to normal?

I mean, when everyone gets vaccinated… Or at least when enough people get vaccinated… and the world leaders to give us the all clear sign…

How long will it be before we get back to pre-2020 behaviours?

Will we ever get back to them?

I’m sure we’ll get close. But I can see how some people will feel uncomfortable if you get closer than six feet from their personal space.

I love all you can eat buffets. I’d definitely think twice before going to one now. Will they be gone forever?

Maybe they’ll become like all you can eat sushi. You don’t pick your own food, but a serving gets delivered to you.

I miss seeing movies in a movie theatre. Some of my friends have been back already. That’s something I don’t feel comfortable with yet. But I really miss it!

I miss sharing a plate of nachos and drinking beer with my friends at a bar.

I miss seeing my family and friends in person.

I miss spontaneous hanging out with people.

I miss hugging people.

I don’t know when things will get back to normal. I can hardly wait until they do…

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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