Tactics of Resistance

The other day, I spoke about using the Miracle Morning SAVERS to start my day.  Recently, I’ve found my mind “arguing” more about getting up early and coaxing me to stay in bed.  It’s cold out of the covers.  It’s too early.  You were up late last night.

I’ve had to do a few six minute SAVERS in the last couple of days because I succumbed to the coaxing.

This morning, I thought to myself: Why am I wanting to stay in bed?  I’ve been able to hop out of bed without issue for more than two months…

My project of 30 days of blog posts is going well.  It works best when I get up around 5 am (on a weekday). Getting up early allows me to get my SAVERS done and then work on a blog post.

Why would I want to sabotage myself?  Staying in bed reduces the amount of time I can work on the blog post before work and increases the risk of me not getting the post done in the day.

That’s when it hit me: RESISTANCE!  (That malign force that tries to prevent you from your endeavours to grow beyond yourself.)

I’m a little more than a week into this effort and Resistance is taking a sneaky route to try to derail me from my daily post attempts.  Ha!  Now, I’m even more committed to getting this done!!

All week, Resistance was whispering in my ear that I was running out ideas for things to blog about.  That was the manifestation of Resistance that I recognized.  But getting me to stay in bed was a brilliant misdirection.

You need to be alert to all forms of Resistance, folks.  It’s crafty!


© 2019 Peter Gruner

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