He (or She) Who Hesitates is Lost

For the last few weeks, I’ve been scrambling to finish a draft of my current play to submit to the RBC Tarragon playwriting contest.  First prize is $3000 and a year’s worth of dramaturgical feedback from Tarragon’s Literary Manager.  It’s the second part of the prize that really excites me.  Even if I don’t win, I’m hoping to get on Andrea Romaldi’s (Tarragon’s Literary Manager) radar and hopefully be invited to join the Tarragon Playwright’s Unit (item #9 on my bucket list).

The reason for the scrambling is that I’m also in a play that opened last week and there’s been a lot of things to do at work.  Darn day job!   Last week was crazy.  Rehearsals every night and getting up at 4:15 am to go in for the early shift at work.  And then finding time to write and being focused enough to do so.

I got the play submitted in time and was quite happy to have the weekend arrive and only have to worry about my performance in the play.  But…

I was intending to submit an application to the CBC Prime Time Television Program put on by the Canadian Film Centre.  (Getting into CFC TV Writing Program is #14 on my bucket list.)  I had applied for it about five years ago, before I decided to focus on playwriting; but with the changes happening at work, I thought it was time to apply again.  Getting into the program would help me focus my energies and help me plot my next career moves.

The problem?  I thought I had more time!  Deadline for the package is May 18.  D-oh!   It’s crazy what you have to submit: one script for an episode of a TV show currently on the air and a synopsis, one script for the pilot of show you have created and the synopsis, synopses for two other television series ideas that you’ve come up with, a detailed writing curriculum vitae,  a letter of intent, a letter of recommendation or two (optional), and a list of your top ten favourite TV shows.

Now, the ideas have been percolating for a while, but I had put off doing any writing until I finished the play.  So, now I basically have two weeks to get this done.  Sigh.

On one hand, a lot of the heavy work has been done: the thinking.  I just have to write the two scripts and beg some people to write me recommendation letters.  “Just”.  Ha!

I feel like a runner just before the race is about to begin.  So many thoughts.  Should I do it?  Is it worth it?  Do I have a chance at all?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I’ll never get into the course if I don’t apply.  I know that I love TV and would love to write for a Television show (#97 on the bucket list).  I know that the timing of the class (it starts just when work ends) seems so perfect that it is ridiculous to pass it up.  So, I’m getting ready to “sprint” for two weeks and get this package done.

It’s all good experience even if I don’t get in.  So, on your marks.  Get Set.  Go!

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