What’s in Your Bucket, Part 2

I realized that I mentioned working on a bucket list and even mentioned some items on it, but I didn’t provide my list.  Of course, I was still working on it when I wrote the first post, but I now have 100 things, so I figured that I would post it below.  I did include a few things that I had already accomplished because they would have been on the list if I had compiled it when I turned forty (and some of them I forgot I had already accomplished).

Bucket List April 2012 Date Accomplished
1 Be a guest speaker at a   commencement
2 Be a guest star on a TV show
3 Be an expert speaker at a   conference
4 be commissioned to write a play
5 be financially debt free
6 be in a musical
7 Become a grandfather
8 become a great-grandfather
9 Become a member of the Tarragon   Theatre’s Playwriting Unit
10 buy a cottage
11 complete a marathon in three   hours
12 Create an award winning   Television show
13 donate $1,000,000 to charity
14 Get accepted in CFC TV writing   program
15 Give a keynote address
16 Give a talk
17 Give a TED talk
18 go on a cruise
19 go on a safari
20 go to an all included resort
21 Go to Easter Island
22 go to Hawaii
23 go to Machu Pichu
24 go to the airport and buy a   ticket to anywhere
25 Have a book published
26 Have a collection of plays
27 have a hundred people read my   blog
28 Have a play produced at a   Professional Theatre in Canada
29 Have a play performed at the   Blyth Festival
30 Have a play performed at   Tarragon Theatre
31 Have a play performed at Theatre   Aquarius
32 Have a play performed in every   province
33 Have a play performed in New   York
34 have a play produced in Europe
35 Have a play produced in the U.S.
36 Have a television interview
37 have a thousand people read my blog
38 have an anniversary dinner in Paris (again)
39 have ten million dollars
40 Inspire people
41 Learn to speak Chinese
42 learn to speak French
43 learn to speak Gaelic
44 Learn to speak German
45 learn to speak Japanese
46 live in Ireland for three months
47 live in Paris for six months
48 organize a Kelly family reunion
49 paint a nude woman
50 pay off my home line of credit
51 pay off all my debts
52 play the fiddle
53 play the guitar
54 play the role of King Lear
55 run a marathon May 25, 2003 – Burlington Marathon
56 run a 100km ultramarathon
57 run the boston marathon
58 run the marathon des sables
59 save someone’s life
60 see clearly without glasses
61 see the northern lights
62 See the redlight district in   Amsterdam
63 sing a duet
64 sing a song
65 spend Christmas in a cottage
66 Support myself from writing
67 swim with the dolphins
68 Have a play performed at a   community theatre
69 take dancing lessons
70 take my family to a Cirque du   Soleil show
71 Take my kids to Ireland
72 take singing lessons
73 teach a playwriting class
74 Visit Africa
75 Visit Australia
76 Visit Fiji
77 Visit Italy
78 Visit Japan
79 Visit Spain
80 Visit the Galapagos islands
81 visit the Sphinx in Egypt
82 Walk on the Great Wall of China
83 weigh 170 lbs
84 Weigh 180 lbs
85 win a best actor award June 2006 at Theatre Burlington
86 Win a Governor’s General Award
87 win a lot of money in the   lottery
88 win a play writing contest
89 Win a Tony Award
90 Win Best of Fringe August 2011 – Best of Hamilton Fringe
91 work from home
92 write a book
93 write a full lenth play
94 write a hit play
95 write a musical
96 write a number one box office   movie
97 Write for a Television show
98 run a 100 mile ultramarathon
99 visit Newfoundland
100 work for myself

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