Charmed by ConvertKit

Sometimes the smallest thing can sway your decisions. 

Like a decal for instance…

I’ve been thinking of using one of the bulk email services. Why?  I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a newsletter for people interested in my plays.  Or for Intermittent Fasting… 

You need to use a mailer provider to send out bulk emails.  Or else you’d have to send out emails in small batches so that they don’t get marked as Spam by your provider.

I used the free version of MailChimp.  For the trial run of my “Start Intermittent Fasting Challenge”.  It was easy enough to use, but I would have to use the paid version to take advantage of scheduling and other tools.  And I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go with MailChimp.

I saw a webinar for ConvertKit and it seemed much easier to use.  They had all kinds of templates that you could adapt.  And they had some easily accessible training available.  I signed up for the 30 Day Trial version.

I was able to whip up a page. To collect email addresses for people that want to see the online remount of my play the Lost Years.  (Here’s a link that I had in a previous post:

And when we’re ready to broadcast the performance, I’ll be able to send out an email with the details to those folks.

It was easy.  But should I become a customer when the trial ended, I wondered?

When you reach your first ten “subscribers” (people on your mail list), ConvertKit sends you a t-shirt.  Cool!

But when the t-shirt arrived, it was the wrong size. Small, instead of Large.  Instead of getting annoyed, I decided to give it to my daughter. 

Along with the t-shirt was a decal to stick on your window.  It says “Create Every Day.”  And I love it.

I prefer the decal to the t-shirt.  Because I can look at the decal every day.  And I do.

It’s stuck on the window of my office.  I glance past my computer screen and see that tidbit of inspiration all the time.

It charms me.  And I decided to sign on with ConvertKit.

Oh, the power of a well-placed, small gift…

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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