We’re going to put on a show!

Four years ago, Deb and I put on a play at the Hamilton Fringe Festival.  It’s called The Lost Years and it’s an affectionate look at our journey through parenthood.

Recently, Deb suggested we should remount it online.  It would be fun to put it on again.  And it would give us something “theatrical” to focus on since who knows when we’ll be back in a theatre again…?

The Lost Years is a comedy.  Although there’s no nudity, there are a lot of sexual situations.  And a small amount of foul language.  All the things that happen when you raise a family.

We had our first read-through yesterday.  The tricky thing is that since this project is self-initiated, we don’t have deadlines looming ahead of us.

We should commit to a deadline…  Gulp!

Okay, that’s kind of scaring me just thinking about it.  I’ll let it percolate for a few days.

We gauged what kind of interest there was from our family and friends by posting on Facebook.  To see if anyone was interested in seeing it.

People want to see it, so we’re moving forward.  But we haven’t committed with a date yet.

I’d thought it would be fun to email the link to people, instead of posting it and wondering if anyone will come.  That way, we’ll know who expressed interest and if they actually clicked on the link to watch it.

Which made me think that some people that read this blog might be interested in seeing it also…  It will be free… 

Do you want to see The Lost Years?  Reserve your spot by clicking on this link:  https://renurg-productions.ck.page/1d986e9415

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