Getting to know you…

Our second class was called “Drama Fundamentals” with John Burns.  A better title might have been “Getting to know each other” or “Team Building”.  Although we did a bunch of theatre-related exercises, the main purpose of the session was to get to know each other better.

Because of the size of our class, we were split into two groups. I was in the first group along with Jannine, Justin G, Jonathon G, Sasha, Zohrain, Mike, Kristen, Eva, Peter B, Vanessa S, Jessica, Jason, Mike L, and Joel B.

It was interesting to do some of the exercises because they played with our ideas of personal space.  Coming from an acting background, I was used to some of the exercises but I wondered what some of the other people felt.  As adults, we don’t really get too many opportunities to “play” with people we don’t know.  And when you think about it, what’s a better way to get to know someone than playing with them.

After the exercises, we come up with some questions to ask each other and then paired off and asked our partners the questions and then we “presented” them to the class.  After that, we did some tableaux related to the three little pigs.  And after lunch, we did a mock trial of the three little pigs with everyone playing a character from the judge and jury to the defendants and the lawyers to the material witnesses.

Of all the things we did, though, I liked the questions the best.  Although some of the questions were pretty wacky, they helped paint a picture of each of us.  Below are the questions we came up with and my answers to them.

  1. Favourite Bad Movie.  Ninja 3: The Domination.  Every time someone says that such and such was the worst movie ever, I usually say, “You obviously haven’t seen Ninja 3: The Domination.”  Most people have no idea how many bad movies there are out there.
  2. Greatest Fear.  Something happening to my children.  I’m a parent and I can’t think of anything scarier than that. Two of my kids are out of town for school – way out of town (Vietnam and Thunder Bay) – and it is a zen exercise of focus not to spend my time freaking out worrying about them.
  3. Super Power you’d like to have.  Invisibility.  It’s the voyeur in me.  I’d love to be able to sit in on conversations and sneak into places.  I’d love to be able to explore everything.
  4. Favourite colour.  Blue.  I realize that it’s a bit generic.  Other people said things like aqua, periwinkle, tourquoise.  Blue.  I like blue.  Maybe I should focus on a specific hue that I like, but I am fond of most of the blue spectrum.
  5. Bucket List Item.  To live in Paris for a few months.  I love Paris (France).  It is one of my favourite cities. I love the ambience and the energy of the place.  I’ve been a few times and I’d just love to be there for an extended visit.
  6. Talent/ability you’re most proud of.  Listening.  I am a good listener.  I sometimes think that I missed my calling to be a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Not really sure how to “monetize” that skill, but I’m still proud of it.
  7. Favourite Halloween Costume. Mime.  I thought we were talking about the favourite thing we dressed up as.  Some people mentioned the favourite things they saw other people dress up as.  But my go to costume has always been a mime.  (Yes, I’m one of those people that like mimes.  Maybe that’s why I like Paris,too…)
  8. Childhood Hero.  Buster Keaton.  Keaton is the man.  Some of his films are as fresh today as the were when they first came out.  When he made his masterpiece The General he told his team to make it so authentic that it hurt.  I love this guy so much I named my son after him.
  9. Pet Peeve.  Loud people.  Kind of ironic that someone who says they’re a good listener isn’t fond of loud people, but that’s just the way I roll.  People that are consistently loud, often don’t seem interested in listening to other people and that’s probably why it upsets my sensibilities.
  10. Dream Destination.  Fiji.  I’ve seen pictures and – sigh – it looks awesome.  I’m not really one for beach vacations, but I’d make an exception for Fiji.
  11. Role Model.  Raymond Storey.  Ray is a writer and a friend.  He started out as a playwright and then got into writing for television and eventually was the show runner for his own show.  He’s very smart and incredibly nice.  I’d love to have a similar career.
  12. Favourite Food.  Pizza.  I’m a foodie.  I love all foods.  But if I have to pick one food, I usually go with pizza because you can put ANYTHING on a pizza.  It can be savoury or sweet or carnivorous or vegetarian.  It can even be gluten-free and dairy free. PIZZA!!

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