Is Art fair?

I just read an article about an anonymous letter someone sent to NOW Magazine.  Don’t you just love Facebook?  But that’s probably another blog…

Anyway, the crux of the letter is about the author’s opinion that there is a lot of favouritism in the Toronto Theatre scene.  And people in positions of power or influence help out their friends.   And that it’s not fair to someone trying to break into the business.

Well, duh.

Isn’t the ideal job being able to work with people you like?  If you could help your friends, wouldn’t you?  That’s the way of the world, isn’t it?

Is it fair?  Who the heck said that life was fair?  Is it fair that we live in North America while so many millions of people live in areas that are dangerous and almost uninhabitable?  We moan about job opportunities while other people need to worry about genocide or dictatorships.

Life isn’t fair.

We strive for the things that are important to us.  We might not always achieve them.  But every once in a while we do.  And that feeling is so glorious, so wonderful.

Just because it isn’t fair, doesn’t mean that we stop trying.  Maybe we need to try harder.  Or try smarter.  Or try differently.  Or try somewhere else.  Or try something else.

Whining about a situation not being fair isn’t going to make it fair.  Do something about it.  Actions speak louder than words.  Write that play.  Find a way to put on that show.  Entice your family and friends and their family and friends to go see it.  And then repeat.

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